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Mastering is the final stage of production before manufacture and is crucial to the quality of your recording. Every project is unique, and we depend on our 10 years of experience to create finished masters that achieve the full potential of your mix – musically and sonically.

In addition to our acoustically balanced room and accurate monitoring, we use classic analogue and high-quality digital tools to ensure your mix sounds great on all kinds of playback systems.

Mastered For iTunes (MFiT)

Mastering for iTunes logoApple now accepts hi-res masters via their MFiT programme, and if your music will be available via iTunes, we highly recommend MFiT. Rimshot is on Apple’s MFiT provider list and can prepare the hi-res masters for you to submit via your label or distributer. Please ensure you tell us at the time of booking.

Vinyl mastering

Several factors affect the quality of the final cut, including side length, level and bass content. Please inform us at the time of booking and we can prepare the hi-res masters needed for vinyl cutting.

CD DDP masters

We can prepare the DDP files needed for CD manufacturing.