tape machineYep, we’re analogue junkies at Rimshot. The reason is simple: it sounds great.

For all the hassle, time and expense analogue requires, it repays on each listen. It makes us (and our clients) smile. It can sound so good it’s almost like cheating!

Until you’ve heard your music recorded to a perfectly maintained tape machine that’s just had an alignment performed on it, you might think we’re making a big deal out of nothing. That’s okay too. We’re not here to convince you of anything, but if you appreciate what analogue offers, we can provide it at the highest technical level.

All our machines are lined up before each session and are regularly degaussed and serviced.

If your session is being recorded to the 2" 24-track, we have the option of Dolby SR noise reduction. If you’re recording to the 1" 8-track, you won’t need it.

For sessions where we’re recording to tape and then dumping into Pro Tools, we have a custom 24-way attenuator that allows us to get the perfect levels going into Pro Tools.